COMTIA A+ Resources


Merit Partners trains their wards to receive their A+certification and take both the 1001 and 1002 A+ tests when they leave the juvenile correction system. This page is meant as a quick refresher page for those seeking to do some external studying for the test.

On this resource page you will find resources to prepare for your A+ exams.

This page will be revised and updated constantly so come back here for information regularly. 

Useful links for studying: Keep in mind the following videos are “playlists” so you can watch the entire series easily on both tests. Use the controls to skip forwards and backwards to find all the topics at the top of the video player

1001 Study Video series:

1002 study video series:


A+ Practice Tests

Want to test your prowess? Make sure you are understanding the topics conveyed? Feel free to try out these tests separated by book.

1001 Practice test 01
1001 Practice test 02
1001 Practice test 03
1001 Practice test 04
1001 Practice test 05

1002 Practice test 01
1002 Practice test 02
1002 Practice test 03
1002 Practice test 04
1002 Practice test 05

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